piratory organs, giving a ratio of deaths to cases of 1 in 6.8 in the Atlan-
always exist in the same simple or elementary form.
of descent forming an almost unbroken oblique line, it indicates high
— which may yet be discovered. Much importance has therefore
as expressions of one and the same complex morbid, process, and
Paralysis of volition alternates or coexists with clonic or tonic
There are some cases, which stand by themselves, in which the
With reference to the term " diathesis," it is to be explained
separation of nbrine from the warty growths on the valves. The
deficiency of expansion, there must be disease of some kind, but
thus obtained, and a sensible impression is made upon the dis-
distress. According to Landry the motor system is usually invaded in
two hours till the symptoms are mitigated, increasing the dose from
easily digested diet is to be prescribed, and total abstinence from
tion. The auscultatory signs modified by, and proportionate to, the
cular meningitis ; and Dr. Laycock compares the condition to the
cough, instead of continuing dry, harsh, and irritative, became moist,
is certainly far superior to belladonna in its power of diminishing the
complete recovery tends to establish, under attention to diet and
limbs are also not unfrequent. Many epileptics have a convulsive
day by day, or week by week, alteration of cell-formation which
the reader is referred to Wood's Practice of Medicine, vol. ii, p. 621,
chloride of sodium is absent, the specific gravity measures pretty
means fixed. The nature of the substance also affords a ground of
10. Symptoms referable to the Nervous System. — In the absence of
use of the tincture of the sesquichloride of iron (l. c, p. 379). [See
or reliable relation exists between the intensity and magnitude of the
face grows broad and square ; and when placed on the mother's
violent pneumonias, commencing with inflammatory hypersemia.
mony, have been lately recommended as not only ameliorating the condi-
impossible to mistake them; but it should be remembered that they
tere simul, dein cola, et adde Hyd. Corrosiv. Sublim., gr. xij ; Ammoniae
uations were procured ; and this plan was repeated every third
liquid as possible ; (2.) To let the day's allowance be taken in small