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nection between the tuberculous and the scrofulous state is seen to be
pletely closed. The anatomy of the parts at once shows how this
more apparent if a lesson is taken from the teachings of morbid
condition of the system. He is also disposed to think that in some forms
some cases, on the one hand, an entire destruction of the gland-
arrested in Bright "s disease, or that the liver is insufficient to use
says he has seen as much as ten pints' thrown up in forty-eight
heart, apparently resulting from the action of the rheumatic poison.
Treatment: — Put the animal in a good comfortable place,
successive layers, and consist of amorphous granular matter inter-
no cephalalgia. The paralysis of the lower extremities makes suddenly
a cartilaginous transformation ; and Broussais has seen them as
tissue may soften into several small cavities. In the midst of the con-
system, through the digestive and secretory functions ; and which
and in the several regions, and in the corresponding regions of the two
in the more or less wide diffusion of the local affections. Such
formly thickened than in hypertrophy of the left ventricle : still,
long after the urine has been of equal temperature with the air.
are generally attenuated ; the neck is thick, but not always goi-
when more general, and heard in the middle regions, emphysema ; or it
is very uncertain, but the disease seldom subsides with the first
and corresponds nearly with the annual isotherm of 41°. In the
(5.) Jerking, interrupted, wavy, cogged-wheel, respiration {inspiration
is quite unconscious that anything is touching his foot. These
57.50 grammes of sugar. He shows that the relative quantity of
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own researches ; Schroeder Van der Kolk has again elaborately de-
cases of " azoturia" They have recently been noticed in an excel-
the lungs in 50 fatal cases of pneumonia, and is taken from his valuable
the bladder and intestines, in the kidneys, supra-renal capsules,
genito-mesentcric fold, and in (d) the appi-ndix may later become