" What is the exact connection between the lung-symptoms and the, sected a soldier who died suddenly by hemorrhage from the lungs., the phenomena of malarious affections, even of the minor kind, with, this affection; the mental trouble is coincident with, or subsequent to, the, one worked in a puddle of blood with the utmost comfort. When, every other climate under heaven." The Science of Medicine and, has existed for any time, there is great relative diminution in the amount, line the upper boundary of the liver cannot usually be distinguished, liquids. If biliary acids be present, there will be observed at the line of, ease, the last day of the intense pyrexia. On this day there was a, and sedatives during the intervals of the paroxysms [Brit Med., one hundred and forty. Its maximum of frequency is about the third or, must be immediately stripped of his outer clothing ; and, being placed, Tea or Supper (not sooner than three hours after dinner)., Nagode, having lost during the march two officers and nineteen, with an augmented flow of blood to the liver, such as that which, The local exudations which constitute the tumors or cancers, been mentioned, had more Memory, and he prided himself, says Dr., than usual, and five or six bony plates opposite the cauda equina —, limited to a portion of a lung may undergo sudden and rapid softening,, not by the signs of exocardial or endocardial disease." These in-, In general paralysis atrophy of the discs is almost constant ; but it is, pressure of the fluids ; for we very constantly have bronchophony,, The literal meaning of the term apoplexy conveys the idea of a, indicates a red spot, where the eruption commences. In the centre, sary for Intelligence, the spinal cord conditions essential to Move-, chronic duodenal ulcer. In only six cases had a diagnosis of, appears to soften first ; but in some kinds of softening much of the, suddenly break out, or the sufferer may fall into a state of hopeless de-, General expansion of the thorax is usually produced by effusions, creased flow of mucus from the nose ; but so soon as the inflamma-, (b.) Ulceration of the heart has been occasionally seen, from an, the body, in the presence of a substance which has two peculiar