may aid in a differential diagnosis. Other diagnostic features are

Tubercular Pericarditis. — In the scrofulous cachexia, where vomicce

following subdivisions : (a.) Granular kidney — Syn., contracted

the organ and is poured into the blood, its reaction with the chloride of

taken as a measure of the fulness of the brain, and its tendency to

combination with one or two grains of calomel, and half a grain of

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tively free from fever, and the pulse nearly natural. These par-

portions of the lobules are infiltrated with gray matter, and a juice

cancerous growths, there is a much greater probability of the hered-

soil, which re-attracts moisture like a cloth that has been wetted

the mesentery. It will be seen that the liability of different parts

momentary shivering ; but, as the paroxysm forms, the heat is

the Intellectual Powers are not deficient, but sometimes superior,

cultation, disease might be detected. He not only accurately de-

epithelial lining, and occupy the tubes. This material may be quite uni-

In various morbid states the apex of the heart is formed by the

marked. The premonitory symptoms are those associated with

without the employment of drugs. Drugs, however, when judi-

greatly increased during life by excessive diarrhoea, with or without

it is a question whether, in those cases in which the veins are plugged

region ; while the intestines occupy some of the inner part of the

nosis is mainly preventive of dyspnoea and palpitation, by the avoid-

roots of the nerves, and the peripheral distribution, have each en-

of albumen in the urine in cases of pneumonia to the absorbed exu-

Costa states that even in enlargement of the tonsils, he has used pulver-

pitch. Expiration is nearly or quite as long as inspiration, and some-

of the dead intestine. I have frequently observed such invagina-

based on theoretical considerations alone, for he believes that, while excess

coincident. In two of Earth's cases death was caused b} r sudden and

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loudest over the mitral valve, followed by a distinct natural second

a matter of the greatest importance in practice to distinguish, if

The orifices of the stomach are the parts which are almost exclu-

The most prominent symptoms of hepatitis are, however, some

lesions which occur in the kidney do not even furnish any measure

[8. Sudden paralysis of remote parts of the body from mechanical in-

soonest towards the base. When the lymph is rapidly condensed