chalky, where the air is mild and dry, so that as much open air ex-

after the march, the prevalence of the epidemic is generally in pro-

muscular tremors on different parts of the chest, abdomen, or face.

Instances of the occurrence of sunstroke, and the circumstances

cates irritative disease within the cranium. (9.) In cases where the

In addition to these characteristic post-mortem lesions, there is

ent difference of opinion as to which are the cases peculiarly prone

not tubular in quality ; expiration is of lower pitch than inspiration. Its

rence (Frerichs). Peritonitis, disease of the liver itself, or inflam-

Dr. Basharn, there are cases detailed, which illustrate, upon these

be an inclination to stumble when first driven, but as the

appears to be greatly affected without presenting at once the phenomena

column, delirium, tetanic, and, sometimes, clonic, spasms, and cutaneous

pressing the lungs, so that he is obliged to be raised towards the

and clinically. While dissection demonstrates the fact that inflam-

day ; and if the patient has been exposed to the influence of mal-

one of the first symptoms of its producing an injurious effect was

dent parts of the lungs. It must also be remembered that the

When Sir James Clark, in 1835, published his treatise on pulmo-

at. 55, was seized with sudden pain in right iliac fossa in April 1913.

bicarbonate of potash ; but his observations are not conclusive, be-

to this (now thirty years) any return of serious disease " {Edin. Med.

in the crown of the head, believe they are caused by worms gnawing

tions of the lung to which the air has access, compensates for the

regular. Loss of weight does not take place to any extent at the begin-

owing to an excessive secretion of bile ; the other due to a chronic

consists — (1.) Of the external portion formed by that part of the

In cases of ordinary intensity the effect is so completely limited

is so dry and light that it floats much higher in the water tha*n a

frequency in chronic alcoholism. For example, while fatty change is

place after an enema, but generally accompanied by a large flow of

and for great caution in making deductions from observations extending

virile powers. A suit of flannel or buckskin should be worn next the