pages), it is to be noticed that there are three periods in the history
sult of this change is a j^ellowish or greenish-yellow fetid fluid, in which
pulse is, when the extent to which the instrument is elevated, and
statements, namely — (1.) When the air is not apparently in excess,
Sequard recommends that iodide of potassium in doses of five or six
through the right side, such as results from the causes of apnoea.
figured these tubular expectorated products, cases have been mi-
The substance of the hemispheres (cortical or central); (2.) The
diseased part (which need not be an external wound) so affects the
Section I. — Relation of the Abdominal Viscera to the Walls of
Treatment — It is only the general principles which can be indi-
giving place after a few hours to intense tubular breathing ; and
Latin Eq., Asthma; French Eq., Asthme; German Eq., Asthma; Italian Eq.,
catheter in the trachea — say 12 hours — no irritation resulted.
the pneumonic crepitation are very generally larger, more hurried,
each change of dressing the limb should be sponged with warm water ;
a thick viscid mucus, and perhaps of vomiting. Emaciation follows
by leeches or cups — preferably the latter — and then it should be used
or stupor the patient's instinctive movements show that the head
ness, inaptitude for business, loss of Memory, confusion of Mind, defec-
Sciences, July, 1863. Ames : New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal, 1848.
Watson also states that he has seen "more epileptic boys and men
whatever. Flatulent coHc is generally caused by some indi-
those diseases in which the blood-corpuscles are deficient, where
us, by percussion and auscultation, to determine the nature and seat
certain parts of it, and these discharge their nervous power upon
Tuberculous, Scrofulous, or Strumous Diathesis, ..... 215-
lateral lobes of cerebellum; (6.) The mesocephalon; (7.) Posterior
frequently been followed by the recovery of the patient. The cases
of the impending attack. Moreover, when febrile symptoms do
sphymograph records a considerable amplitude of trace ; and vice
more uric acid, in a soluble state, from the system than under ordi-
Hall. In children, from a few months to two or three years of age,
whilst the heart increases progressively up to an advanced age