1bran or oats, but do not smoke the colt. Poultice the throat
2inquiry regarding the color of the skin and its connection with the
3speedily, and, they ought not to be employed more than once daily.
4at the origin of the aorta and the pulmonary artery. The right
5resented by 726 admissions per 1000 of mean strength, with a mor-
10headache, restless and disturbed sleep, with frequent starting and
11the mouth and nose of the patient, so as to stop her breathing and
12all seasons ; and in winter a chamois leather vest may be required
13much febrile disturbance, opium, if taken early enough, is a perfect
14able thickness, measuring from a quarter of an inch to an inch, or
16phenomena are mainly due to impaired nutrition of the funda-
17tion, and evaporate at a heat not exceeding 120° Fabr., over a water-bath, and pro-
18when tortuous especially, appear like worms under the skin, wrig-
19the tubes contain little or no blood, but a profusion of natural gland-cells,
20spirations, particularly the hands and feet, which are habitually
21aneurism of the aorta about its arch, are apt to be associated with
22the patient. In old persons it generally returns every winter, or
23the barbiers — a chronic disease in which paralysis, tremors, spasms,
24diseases of the heart, in gastritis, and in other painful diseases, such
25servations on its morbid anatomy. The following is a condensed
26of which, death taking place thirteen days after the seizure, the
28electric shock of great intensity, others to the conflagration of gun-
29probably of the blood itself (Bouillaud, Paget), and in connection
30them the ulcer was situated on the posterior wall of the dumUnum.
32bed reluctantly. There he lies uncomplaining, vegetating, the mere
33rheumatism is manifestly a highly inflammatory disease, hut of a
34issue (see discussion on Fibroid Phthisis in the Clinical Society of Lon-
36tion of the heart alone, but where other lesions existed — such, for in-
39cephalitis was present in acute cases [New 8yden. Soc. Year-Book,
40lected cases in primipara, and usually during the first four months. It
41ing directions. These are stated in the order of their relative fre-
43hue, resembling the juice of prunes. If the type of inflammation
44plexus, the superior cervical ganglion, and the filaments which anasto-
45for the worst lodged classes of the community In some cases, accord-