each successive decade until the eightieth year (Walshe).

due to the nature of the tissue and the effects of the morbid process

hours, it may be removed by the application of a second blister to

They may gradually distend the bowel at the site of obstruction,

the pleura, the disease is most likely associated with some morbid

dotted, arborescent, or striated patches. It is distinguished from

ished ; the reflex movements are commonly intact ; intelligence is dis-

I think it so often the cause of death in the disorder, but that experience

in a fluid state, in the first instance, through the capillaries, and

no means uncommonly in total disorganization of the globe. Paral-

complication. In 33 cases observed by Barth, heart disease coexisted

denly. In the former case it may be so slow that the lung is able

meningitis, and the like ; whereas in those diseases which commence

tion " was applied, and afterwards more definitely "pulmonary con-

in the connective tissue of the lung, and extends in every direction amidst

system becomes congested, the face becomes bloated and dusky, the

both scirrhous and medullary cancer may undergo transformation into

4. Premature closure of 'foetal passages — the foramen ovale and duc-

most useful is tannic acid in doses of one to three grains two or

to have to take a cab every day when called upon to give an

eight grains of Dover's powder, with ten drops of tincture of squills,

aid reconstruction. " Chronic alcoholism," writes Dr. Marcet, " is not to

the process of absorption, it ma}'' produce again secondary contamination

are seen to consist almost entirely of colorless corpuscles, distin-

induration is ossification — a change which usually begins in the

were perfectly natural, but all the voluntary muscles were atrophied, soft,

tirely unknown ; but it seems several times to have suggested it-

interruptions to oxygenation of the blood, as by imperfect ventila-

which will accordingly be either quite pale or of a dark blackish

flexors of the forearm, and the muscles of the jaws, and have been noticed

The wood-cut represents one of the casts expectorated in the case of