nor in the animal economy generally, although in cases of diabetes
the tubercle-mass becomes, till it is finally lost in the larger knots.
rated varies greatly ; sometimes only a few sputa, or not more than
nected with puerperal fever — " a continued fever, communicable by
Of other classes of stimuli, camphor in five-grain doses has ac-
and in some instances even the powers of his mind may be supe-
and, half an hour before each of the meals, two grains of capsicum,
obstruction (small intestine) an acute ulcer was found in the first
exercise in the open air). That it is not the climate of the place
and ably maintained by Dr. Jaccoud (Dec. 1864). "It appears to us,
of general ill-health ; and the most prominent symptom has been
stuff imported as " Sherry," which had not a drop of grape-juice in
points where the course of an artery has determined the position of a
Si/philitische Ablagerung ; Italian Eq., Deposito sifilitico.
reaction is absent in the diseased ear. On rotation, there is a marked
Among patients morally insane, physical health, as Dr. Tuke
eral symptoms disappeared in nearly 8 per cent. ; and complete re-
neath the ribs. Its inferior border turns off almost at right angles
tion of the earth's surface, and the meteorological agencies to which
Symptoms. — From ten da^-s to three weeks after the gonorrhoea is estab-
from the urine in cases of obstruction and reabsorption — namely,
retraction, or bulging in these regions ; the condition of the hollow
quantity of nutriment prepared by the stomach. As the disease
stimulants ; and when there is a tendency to acidity of the stomach,
between them, and, in some cases, of bringing on a cure " (vol. i, p. 99).
while desjiondency and frightful dreams prevail ; there is the appre-
as it is to determine whether it is of such a nature as to cause
as the tincture of hyoscyamus, syrup of poppies, or some 'preparation of
excess of animal or vegetable albuminous food entering the system, — i. e.,
to a certain point, and giving rise to the slight malaise which precedes
should be regulated. Small doses of pilulce hydrargyria or of pilidaz
was the nervous system examined, out of one hundred and five in