oblongata, or cerebellum, or parts of the cerebrum ; or, it may completely

limits of the doses adopted by him at the Brompton Hospital, from

takes place on the side last paralyzed. The presence or absence of mus-

All urine should be collected in glass vessels, which are scrupu-

kinds of sensibility existed in the skin and the mucous membranes

has no connection with the great omentum, and has all the

or less congestion of that organ ; and, if severe, effusion may take

described), dryness of the membranes on the surface of the brain, dis-

form of an interrupted galvanic current, from a continuous current

process from the one to the other (Wilks, Goodfellow). Other

lower edge of the third rib, above the line of the male nipple, and

the urine as a cylindrical cast of a granular appearance, entangling

against the palm ; or the fingers are clenched, or the toes bent.

dissolves many of the granules, and renders all the corpuscles

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local diseases about to be noticed. While the local diseases may

renal tubes, which in all probability will prove remediable and tract-

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happens too as an idiopathic disease in infancy. When coincident with

the gland, or in the sheath of the vessels in Glisson's capsule; or it

ing under pressure, they are apt to become thinner than natural, or

nary clonic convulsions of early life. [Dr. H. .Roger has published

Detailed Description of the Diathetic Order of Constitutional Dis-

Less lung is used when the animal lies down or sleeps, or is de-

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be taken before the patient rises in the morning. With respect to pepsin,

copious and clammy sweat. His life now in a great measure de-