nearly in all some relic of the paralysis remains, even after eighteen

the inflammation. This is not constant ; but when we make pres-

lin"), which seems to possess some desirable properties, especially as

The right auricle lies to the right of the sternum, entirely covered

form of pavement, cylindrical, or ciliated bodies ; (3.) Cells contain-

tent ; and so densely loaded were they, that complete obstruction

acted upon by a greater number of exciting causes, such as disap-

Veratria is to be used in small doses. The ordinary formula rec-

very great increase in the elimination of sulphuric acid, being

stomach or intestinal canal be inflamed, leeches should be applied to

[AY here there is dropsy with diminished renal secretion, Dr. Dickinson

Gastralgia, or stomach colic, is a severe pain in the stomach,

of the lateral cartilages and thus of the formation of side-bones.

line to the north passes fron 60° north latitude in a southeastern

is not so clear. Whether it be that toxic absorption produces a

the nerve, may in process of time extend to the spinal marrow and

are several varieties of urticaria — (a.) Urticaria, acuta ; (b.) Urti-

membrane of the trachea, are all capable of being seen. The epi-

womb. By means of a thread it may be withdrawn so soon as the

passes into that of latent, diffuse, lab\Tinth suppuration. The

generally small in amount, and very transient ; the kidneys suffer

In 1854 Schneevoogt, of the Hague, published a fatal case of progres-

of retaining his urine, from the sphincters being palsied. The

lasts a few minutes, while at other times it will continue for two or

just as we have been accustomed to use " tubercular meningitis "

of the integumentary system, and diseases of the respiratory system.

an excess of uric acid may occur in the blood and textures : 1st, from an

the influence of the dorsal spinal nerves, obeying the laws of irrita-

perfect nutrition process. . In fibroid growths elsewhere, as in the uterus,

far any given pneumonic affection involves one or more of the struc-

of the disorder itself. In only two out of thirty-four collected cases was

About the seventeenth day they became downcast and dejected,