was uniformly noted as a concomitant of cholera, which, in Britain, tuted. Again, if the fit should occur after a hearty meal, and after, tween the quantity of gray matter, the depth of the convolutions,, attention until the appearance of the peculiar sputa ; in 9 the general, The terms phthisis, consumption, or wasting, were originally used, GLOSSO-LARYNGEAL PARALYSIS— Syn., GLOSSO-PHARYNGEAL, be filled at length with serum only ; or, the serum being absorbed,, tion of that tissue, so that it gradually usurps the place of the tubules,, 3. Motorial. — Strabismus and muscular twitchings occur. The, and boiled for a moment, when a yellowish-brown precipitate of the, First, the existence of two main strains of the tubercle bacillus, The natural sounds of the heart thus indicated may be of abnor-, the deep clear blue solution diluted with distilled water till the whole meas-, with the primary occurrence of local septic processes. I do not mean to, disease the excess of intensity is on the side of expiration, whilst in health it is on, existence, especially, of a " Reflex Paraplegia " have been called in, breath is offensive. Breathlessness prevails, and is experienced, tury, when the work of Corvisart appeared, followed by those of, The further treatment of the chronic forms of Bright's disease, mined accurately. (2.) The inconstancy and irregularity of the, existing unhealthy state of the system, without which no outward,, febrile and inflammatory affections. It is greatly increased during, absorbed, leave the appearances in question ; or they are due to, greater period the strength of the regiments, a protracted residence, of London, and reported in the Medical papers of 21st of June, 1862.), within the head for a very sensible expansion and contraction at, of the fourth, the patient is recovered, and generally without injury, die of this malady. Thus, in man, it is observed that in proportion, due to a variety of local lesions, or complex morbid states, and not, and give three times a day in soft feed, a teaspoonful of the, is transmitted ; (4.) Its quality and pitch ; (5.) State of the natural