ishing the buccal cavity and interfering with deglutition. Despite

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tissue go on with equal stejjs. The non-occurrence of albumimina 111

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privies, he discusses the mysterious influence of en-

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ing the Ovaries {Medical and Physical Journal, vol. v, p. 58).


if necessary. But, fortunately, it was found that the upper part of the


originating in an impure blood. He brings the same masterly theory and practice

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you see they are collected at a short distance from the free border of

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great elevation of temperature ever takes place in any of the ordi-

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Treatment. — The parts were dressed daily with a 4 per cent, solution

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attention. The most important thing to bear in mind is the possible

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was absolute dulness over the left anterior region of the chest ; absence

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door at the opposite end. In one of them we observed a curious con-

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I to I of an inch in thickness, depending on the spot measured. It

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was administered. A cantharides blister was applied to the throat, the

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might yet achieve, he occupied at present, in the minds of those who

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to attend the forces by sea and land in the wars of

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ease. Speaking generally, I believe that pain is a more prominent and

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In 1895 we had in the infirmary a horse suffering from picked-up

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omitted. If the present were the projier time and opportunity, and the

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the external maxillary vein. By careful dissection the skin, subcu-

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affected. In our first case, it was much the same, though there seems

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also he framed the Heads of a Bill for Medical Reform ; Let-

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Communications. — Mr. W^ P. SwAIN exhibited and explained vari-

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the carpus or tarsus. Their development was long considered due to

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Rasmussen's Report on Denmark and Sweden, and that from. Dr.

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animals. In the rare cases where contagion or external infection

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pneuma/i,}iic at the Hutel-Dieu. Uut, without employing any such

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in women while suckling than under any other condition ; and at one

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as a sequela, has been unusually common, and very deadly ; nine cases

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•which on all three occasions preceded, and on the last two ahvays ac-

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vention rather in repressing than in fostering it, which a removal or

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seen to be composed of simple epithelioid nests without trace of

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189. An eight-3'ear-old entire horse, left in hospital December 18th,

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Next day, however, the patient was still alive and distinctly better.

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cold. In almost all the fever was marked, the temperature rising

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personal researches. For this reason we make no mention of certain