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the latter object. This is made by adding four ounces of the sulphuret of

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Tlie union of several diuretic remedies is more likely to prove effective

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lesions ; and sudden death is to" be expected if there be much aortic regur-

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members, at the same time, moderately, in the hope that, should

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out of the lecture-room. He could not be considered an eloquent

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Acid in Gout, Uric;iemia— Retention of Excrementitious Principles contained in the Vapor of

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Grant's house, I directed him, as I had frequently done before, to

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(2) Keating— Maternity, Infancy, Childhood, " i.oo

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(3) Bruen— Outlines for the Management of Diet, ..." *' i.oo

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from the susceptibility to the attacks, the dignua vzndice nodusj

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culous affection chiefl}^, or entirely, to a bronchitis or bronchial catarrh,

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effort of nature more complete by giving an effective purgative. Castor-

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after groping and feeling the head of the deceased. In fact, this

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rence of bronchitis, may exist without asthma ; in other words, the dys-

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mortality in any one of the English separate prisons is, according

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t Repeated attacks of scarlet fever are of frequent oeCnrrencOi generally

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more or less prolonged. In cases of aortic lesions involving obstruction

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shows what evils the inordinate cnpidity of the landlord brings on

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evinced the probable existence of tuberculous deposition at the

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were tuberculous.^ He argues that this proportion is not much above

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The Regular Session begins on the last Tuesday of Sep-

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about eighteen months. Three years last^April, after mumerous

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anaemia, with our present knowledge of tonic and analeptic medication,

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other words, congenital and acquired atelectasis. This term was first used

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carcinoma, etc., is not an example of hypertrophy. The term hypertro-

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nary acute laryngitis, subacute (catarrhal) laryngitis, and spasm of the

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coats of the vessels without any solution of continuity, and migrate into

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blood, and through them a large amount of liquid will sometimes escape,

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the functions of life become in consequence defective or irregu-

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save one case occurred in July, August, September, and October. The

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experience has led me to adopt respecting its use and non-use.

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the effects of one or two doses of the i])ecacuanha, given in this manner,

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affections, there is often a remarkable tolerance of alcohol, and the only

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determined upon, and the health of the community, through the

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neously. The treatment of cases of diarrhoea tending to continuance, or

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siderable diagnostic significance, but they are of very little importance as