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test could be obtained from the application of leeche>
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to digest for a time, until his glands become prematurely
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of the cross-cutting forceps, without difficulty ; the saw could not be well
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correction of many disturbances amenable to early thera-
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have spoken only of points concerning diagnosis where
became very much aggravated, and on the morning of the 6th she died.
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difference had disappeared, and Mr. Beall commenced using the limb. His
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betes insipidus, Mosler discovered inosite, which is not among the
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retired, died at his home near Nashville, March 24, aged 49.
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sent the bacteriological condition of the entire river.
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equal to that of the other children ; she answered questions which I addressed
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potash, in four ounces of water, gradually increased lo two scruples, a por-
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the virus is a living organism. And this idea of a path-
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and Curettage. By Joseph Brown Cooke, M.D., New York,
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ness ; her feet at the same time cold. Placed them in a warm bath, and at
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tion that those parts richest in sebaceous structures are
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canal, but is only a groove leading to the common orifice of the bladder and
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of Philadelphia, against the estate of Christopher Magee, of
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regains its natural dimensions'? If we may be permitted to reason from
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pensable part of his profession, by the statements above quoted. We seek
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August 3d, — Twenty stools in twenty-four hours, attended with slight
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mill and the rat-cage with a revolving attachment are
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has been placed in the past upon the biologic method,
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7. I might add that wecan never arrive at the absolute
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and on waking made an urgent attempt to urinate, but unsuccessfully. Great
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Generales de Medecine, on the Indications of Tracheotomy, by M. Barth,
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one involved. He found that the parenchymatous tis-
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like protrusion through the vulva, and that a palliation of suffering is the
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Bowels constipated ; pulse 85, and weak; mouth slightly affected from mer-
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instant, as to the introduction of air into the veins. I will add, that when
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government has not been carried to its full extent in respect to the enforce-
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By J. Pancoast, M. D., Lecturer on Anatomy and Surgery, one of the
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remaining kidney. At this time his symptoms were thoroughly
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1 made a minute examination of his case. He had a considerable limp m
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substance was found in the bronchial glands. Nor was black matter seen
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dressing shall have the proper training and experience
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condition carefully, however, and at the slightest indica-
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diagnosis can be made as easily ^s that of most other genital
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of Pott's disease, as proved by the statistics of Gibney
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for unilateral exclusion are the greater amount of peristalsis