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gators. It took a long time to learn that milk may convey scarlet

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orrhages, polypus, etc., who will not submit to operative meas-

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evidences of impaired function, and the influence upon the gen-

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occurred as with chloroform. Children resist it, on account of

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taken a bath." She then became bright and natural, but the

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administering it (a few drops inhaled from a handkerchief)

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analogous structures with different functions, but where

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stage in which pus is being discharged, calcarea sulphurica has

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resorted to occasionally as an alterative and resolvent in scrofula,

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fluence on certain insects, the irritation of whose presence

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onists, hence its antidotes, are atropine, ammonium, alcohol,

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Lloyd's specific tincture of tela to a half tumbler of water and

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had no death immediately following the injection, while some

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It is necessary to use care in this, the fingers of the one hand

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brouglit before the Academic de Medecine, on May 21st, by M. Demar-

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but in 8 only of these was there evidence of epilepsy having

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field of therapeutic activity is, therefore, an extensive and varied

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there may be nausea and a tendency to emesis. It is a remedy,

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