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subcutaneous injection, for the disease was essentially a local
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to be made in these provinces to investigate scientifically the cause of
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ceeded to elect a president. Count Donhoff, the Prussian
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In reference to the list of surgeons on Probation in the Indian Medical
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Dr. Smallman Robson showed a man suffering from sym-
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Reliance is no longer placed on theories of " air currents "
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in his commonplace book, that Gautier, when under has-
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letter of September 10th, 1892, entitled " An Improvement in
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succeed in vaccinating the rabbit against subdural inocula-
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given in the British Mepical Journal of February isth.
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grams, with explanatory text. Each diagram illustrates a
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(1) The chromatic substance or chromatin ; this includes the network
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between the general law and private law, and he held that
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Epileptic, Queen Square, 2 p.m.— Dr. Tooth: Paraplegia.
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forearm had occurred. The patient, a woman, aged 46, had
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It was reported that the University authorities had now made
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I will now furnish some account of 65 phthisical patients
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attention of physiologists from the earliest times, and many
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in the original ovum from which the rest of the body is
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stenosis and tricuspid regurgitation witli large pulsating
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for Diseases of the Skin, Blackfriars, 4 p.m.— Dr. Payne :
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attention. The facts required further elu'ndatiou, and with the co-