Burdach's work has been recently translated by Jourdan, but the transla-
the state or community should be considered a public,
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State Board of Health, based on the sickness statistics, shows
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to the medical ward on the sixth day following his first attack.
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three-fourths vote of the members present at the meeting to
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spontaneous cure would result if the patient were left
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lively than at entrance; strength increased; feels better; sleeps well; no
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40. WalBche : Jour. Med. ScL, London and Edin., 1849.
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Syria: Jaffa. August. 1900-March 6, 1901, 4 cases, 1 death, in
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tion or force is applied with a clubfoot machine or with the
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In severe cases of secondary syphilis, Dr. Dymnecki states
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4 and 5, to its practical uses in the destruction of para-
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of the disease, but on subsequent examinations became
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case comprehend a longer period than the child might welcome under this
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13. The manufacturer of an article being marketed under the
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and became rattling; it was evident that the lung was congested and the
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gives a thin spark, all tension, no quantity. The effects are
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him of rest during the greater part of the night ; a copious secretion from
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regions, and often even to open them; yet the case which I related above,
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mitt«d. The femur was lengthened 1.5 inches by actual mas-
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in South Africa. Their critics had no proper conception of
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who are naturally timid in regard to surgical operations?
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next day at noon. Dr. B. found vesication extended over the whole epigas«
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Heart.— Large ; about one half larger than the average. Left ventricle
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side, or some flexible wood splints may be used as ap-
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Besides these, the following essays on particular subjects