Gih. — Ice apparently not comfortable to the patient — discontinue
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most instances the genitive of Latiu nouns ending in a, can
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In writing a prescription for powders, we may either
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with ova and fa?cal matter, and containing the female which we saw
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probable that any dose of atropine will depress, to a greater
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Zinc salts apparently produce no remote effects upon
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Properties. — A scarlet-red, amorphous powder ; odorless
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was connected with a steel wire of proper curve and elasticity, and
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15.). Sh., dr. i-1 (cc. 2.-4.). Sw. & D., m. lu-80 (cc. .6-2.).
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with the same care described below in reference to the
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assists the stimulant action of strychnine upon the intestinal
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symptoms were not unlike those ordinarily present in the disease, and
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tinging and thickening, with an opaque greenish pus, the serous fluid
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grass, rye, roses in bloom, hay, the pollen of all flowers, dust and
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which had frequently raged as an epidemic, became for eight years
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The treatment during the period of recovery was almost entirely
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to the female, and in which the agency of the male has no participation. And it
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warts and longitudinal, watery ridges, and from few, mostly
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It is recommended in serous, or watery diarrhoea, ffidema
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ascaris (round worm), and oxyuris (thread, seat or whip
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pungent but not persistent taste. Permanent in the air.
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Office Iledical Examiner, Chicago, Feb. 20th, 1863,
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creased pressure in the left auricle, so that not only was there ob-