duce haematuria until it has reached the vesical surface of the gland and

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ened and undergoing hyaline degeneration. Thoma states that the

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Five fpoonfuls of it are given, evening and morning,

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latter case there will be little difficulty, and ordinary meal hours may be

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Wm. Goldie. Journal of Iowa State Med. Soc. July, 1925.

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urate. Of these three classes of salts the neutral urates cannot exist

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gree, it will be fmaller than the other ; which fhews

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ever, the fever abates, and the patient enters on what is known as " the

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Each civil ])hysician or surgeon who enters the iledical

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* The Jintient Romans feliowed twenty pounds of lucerne-

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a whole herd of thefe creatures, at their return from

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over, are more numerous than in lupus. The lesions consist of roundish

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A tuberculous and a syphilitic cirrhosis have been described, but these

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Dermatology: George Elliott. Anesthetics: Samuel Johnston.

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The Action of Drugs. By Tok.vld SoM.>r.\x. IM.D., Profes.-^or of

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girls. The bone perhaps breaks with ridiculous ease, as for instance a

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tially a disease of the July to December period, and mostly during July,

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ptomaines. On the other hand, toxic meat may lose its poisonous pro-

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This will be imposed for any course of less than a month as a registration

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found in the circulation. The life-history of this parasite is quite

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abdominal cavity has been opened, the number of cysts present will serve

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dose of calomel will benefit. The treatment of diarrhoea is considered

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its special nature was not recognised by European physicians until

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the secondary stage of syphilis, in addition to the early enlargement of the

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in those who are anaemic, reduced in health, and frequently albuminuric ;

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urine scanty, the extremities numb and paralysed. It is in such cases

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occurs at any age, but most frequently between 10 and 40. It is equally

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Typical rickets, such as has been described in this article, only occurs

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wholly evolved in the vessels of some of the viscera —

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value at the Hospital for Sick Children in cases in which the vomiting

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The secondary growths in the liver may be so large as to obscure the

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