permits a passage at the isthmus of a bougie from 1.2 mm. to 1.5 mm. in
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cavity, the gas is allowed to flow in, by the suction or negative pres-
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minutes, should be discarded, because it is intensely disagreeable, if not dan-
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During the past year new operating-rooms have been con-
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THIS patient entered the Methodist Hospital complaining of deep
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ion of the sternum in the region of the insertion of the fourth rib ; the ensi-
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which the patient was speedily transferred. Very few of us can venture
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degree of impurity, the carbonic acid thus escaping into the air shows
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by external access, and the growth was then extirpated in several fragments,
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for example, specific croupous inflammation in various parts of the body in
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continues to go up in spite of this treatment we bring on labor re-
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have appeared in the Quarterly from time to time on the
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of '94 I attended him at various times with tonsillitis, nose-bleed,
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holding it in the meshes of the gauze. The bichloride is added for the sake
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troubles as colic, enteralgia, and not a few cases of typhilitis."
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again replaced by the clear, viscid sputa. As the disease progresses,
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of the patient, four months after the operation, revealed extensive cancer
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using the rectum for eight or ten days the patient became so hun-
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thoroughly comfortable and well found, for the invalid.
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to be possible, by some modifications, to give this instrument all the desired
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He succeeded but too suddenly and was thrown against the side
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it is possible to make a diagnosis of empyema by looking at the chart. You
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get into all sorts of mischief. Assuming that this child has been
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tory channels; the infective, when it has followed the channels of the
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resolution advanced there was a rapid change in the physical signs.
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extent and well circumscribed. Their existence in the rectum
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ture containing spirits of chloroform, terpin hydrate and heroin in
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naturally strongly-built woman had aborted about a year and a half
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to specific surgical or medical procedures, is suitable for treatment
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in front of the anterior condyloid foraminse were considerably enlarged ;
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I was disappointed in two things tonight. Three of the patients whom
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development of paediatrics, to find that so much has been done and is being
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theorizing on this subject as the result of experience in the
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The work is divided into six parts, of which the first treats of the
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Two Cases of Ruptured Uterus Treated by Laparotomy.
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(3) Pain is a variable symptom, its character depending very
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Herrick to seek your co-operation, your sympathy and your
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nowhere encourages an approach to the salient problems con-
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^* One of the most recent of these was in the person of a rel-
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raphy and landmarks of the chest before any mention of the
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During the following four days 32 ounces of creamy pus drained
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mens of sputum from over thirty cases not showing tubercle bacilli