I Third DeparUnenl. — Thomas Bucklin, John Walton, Abraham R.
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tuberculin R. The best plan is to begin with a dose of -^ mg., and to run
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when the tincture and infusion are objected to on account of their acri-
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nervousness of which the patient herself is fortunately unaware.
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tighter every day. The unfortunate sufferer is not permitted to take off
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List of Accidents admitted into the Pennsylvania Hospitalyfrom Mardi
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and he would fall if he were not supported, or if his attention were taken
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proportion of 55 to 72, a difference of some importance, and confirmed
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<< When the ulcerations of the large intestines are coosiderabiei and
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autumn, to the most convenient and central place in the Union, for the
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eighth of a lobe of the fresh gland = lT|^vj. of liquor thyroidei = gr. j. of
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io children, chronic inflammation with purulent discharge, or blenorrhoea
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many cases is due to other micro-organisms than the typhoid bacillus.
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purpose of this change. This process has been called oxygenaiion^
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along the inner surface of the cerebral hemispheres close to the corpus
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borne well in mind that the condition of the heart renders the patient
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present in the ulcerated surface (saprsemia). Sometimes it is associated
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Penal abscesses and pyelitis may occur, also orchitis and epidymitis,
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then pregnant women have died from acute ergot poisoning (the drug
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I Prvmiivct Notiom.of Disease. — Mr. Champion, who resides at Gigant^
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(b) Degeneration of the pyramidal tracts secondary to a transverse lesion
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under consideration ; and we think the physician highly culpable who
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colour and the whole of the viscera are much brighter in colour than usual.
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of missionary stations, and all who may be unable to procure the services
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metals, are but the product of this same action on materials as simple.
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minutes. This length of performance was continued for a month. From that
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lieve them, inclines to one side or the other, and from some accidental
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of tlie blue rings of myelin sheaths, are seen connective tissue and vessels. Teazed
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of the salt cake from the furnace it is mixed with limestone and coal in a
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typhoid," in which the disease begins with all the symptoms of a very
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to find the localities referred to in the memoir, where intermittent fever
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is a bad symptom, as it indicates extensive engorgement ; but while the