ffistorical. — Struma and scrofula of the kidney were described by
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•'!'' '" '"■ lliarl-eil!;. iletieiellt where there is e\i,len f serious illipail'
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which may be due to intravesical pressure, reverse peristalsis, or by suction
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In some patients mild attacks have been more likely to come on at the men-
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or sarcocarcinoma. Saltykow* has reported such a case in which he believed
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\ene. The th;ratiim of the hiinufi' period varies from one-half to one aii'l
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0.03) of codeine. Care must be ts^en not to put these coal-tar preparations
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in the pigmented or leukodermic areas. In the later stages the asthenia
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a one third 'jiaiii molei'iilar Milntioii will he a iiorm.d acid solution. I''"
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cases. In some infants one or more bones are actually broken, usually
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or homicidal tendencies. Epilepsy is sometimes combined with acromegaly
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ill t'li will then lie greater flie less the alkaliiH' reserve. In the ideetro-
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point. This melhnil is. hnwever, not very el1'eeti\e unless the lilnml is
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'■iiii I ali'iihili'il liy :i I'liiimila wliii'li Ijiki's iiitii iici-niiiit tin- roiicciiti'ii
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has been the information derived from the catheterization of the ureters, by
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without removal of appendix. (4) Removal of appendix in cases of spon-
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be considerable uncertainty of movement, which usually does not amount
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turia and relative aniuia, makes the diagnosis comparatively easy. An
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itiiiil is extreme. y thin at these ])lai'es 1 l'"iy;. TM',
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atrophic areas, or there may be a curious mottled or freckled appearance,
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osteoid trabeculae. When these become calcified, the parts enclosed by the
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must have been within the periosteum. The state of the bone
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lihriiim point in the e.pialion is si. nrar that of eimiplete liyilnil.\ sis. thai
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less markedly infiltrated with them, and consequently some fibers appeared
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li'7. Tiiii'iri;,' !.l.pHiiii; llir :iiti"n i.f pitiiiliiii uri tin' iil.'ii t im'I I'ln^ ;iii'l
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ctai muscle, and it is to these dilTcrences that nuiny ot the ])eculiai
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important, the latter giving rise to the adenoma or so-called struma of the
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slant, 'ml that in the \<iia cava iiicreas,-, Ihen there would he ohstriic
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have made their appearance, with the extreme improbability of bringing
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Ball and Alamartine* fortify this opinion with the study of a tuberculous
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cases, the third glass of voided urine shows a cloudiness, it should be examined
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marked tiie existence of worms in patients affected