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an enlargement by no means proportionate to that of the metacarpal bones.

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the malady may be transmitted. It may also be seen in the collateral

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may contain si)ores and certain liacteria th;i( are protected against tin'

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■luay from thr end of a rednmn nf martdatrd egg wImii* c'mtaii'CiI in a «lass tnltr I Melt's method)

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impossible to determine from the albumin, or, in fact, from any other

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to justify its being looked upon as a complication. True valvular disease

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Scudamore (1827) considered that it was a variety of chronic rheumatism.

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mastoid muscle. On the 16th of September cyanosis and gangrene of the

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ursemic complications, such as coma and convulsions, is the usual treatment

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Sex, — ^The affection has been observed, according to this series, in 17

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pyelitis alone the pain may be so severe, due to plugging of the ureter, that

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the shortening seems to have been more than a foot. His heignt on admis-

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plete absence, but in mild cases the reaction is normal. No disturbances of

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been removed alone than in those in which the complete operation was done,

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other ends of the body b much more important, and there must also be some

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time, but within the last quarter century this part of the subject has been

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fying predisposition or diathesis, first enunciated by Virchow to explain the

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than 165 degrees. There was tenderness, but no swelling of the right wrist.

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with its <>, supply. \ow, the most si'.Miidcant application of this fad