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Dr. Gardner: The Treasurer of our state medical so-
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fuse and continued employment of chloroform, is the disposition
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est period. They are found in great numbers in the evacuations
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appearance, but rotten at the heart. — Times and Register.
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insane population will rapidty diminish in the same ratio that it
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friend, and then I realized what a moral force in society the pro-
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Disturbance of osmotic pressure relations prevents return of the
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2. By phoning him promptly when illness gives warning,
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grown in this country or similar products have been
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Third — Charles V. Hogan, 317 West Market Street,
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Joseph W. Shaffer, Harrisburg — Angina Pectoris (20
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trol Committee recognizes, as indeed does every or-
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hypoglycemic state, where the normal flow of carbo-
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The chair can be rigidly locked in any position. Physicians should order at once, as the special in-
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taling- over 15,000 students, were given acute appendi-
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More recently, in the Ccntralhlatt, he has recommended the
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these figures. Four states failed to provide 90 per cent
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our reason for calling this to your attention is the un-
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F. WAUGH, of Phiia., Pa., DR. GEO. B. HOPE, of N. Y., DR. E. CHAREST,
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right scapula and was also very tender along the axil-
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possess to distinguish between them by taste alone.”
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Dr. Paul Correll, of Easton, was recently appointed
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while guiding the body to better posture. Spencer Hernia Supports will not yield under
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mail, or preferably by telegraph or telephone revers-
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(Jeff. Med. Coll. ’04), Sept. 30, aged 64; Conrad J.
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"You will perceive that it is upon the duties and responsibilities
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extra vitamin B complex, and iron — all in highly tolerable form.
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true value. We decline to believe that this Harveian utter-
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The advertising quack will not agree with me. His advice is :
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sibility rests heaviest on the general practitioner.
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ing on each occasion four or five clays, and being accompanied by
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ical College, Baltimore, 1908; aged 63; died Nov. 22,