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said to be normal in size. Hun and Prudden 7 found that the gland

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Studies on the Metamorphosis of the Platelets. — Under the micro-

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terrupted vomiting, with violent headache, tumultuous action of the

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As all cretins are small from arrest of development they must be

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state of very great tone, and Pulsatilla, 1 to 1,000 at "4" again caused cessa-

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declares that the injection of camphor oil in dose of 1 cm. aud over

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upon there must ensue the general signs of lieart failure. In the case

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been described in certain cases in the posterior column and in the

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phages had taken the stain to any extent, the polymorphonuclear and

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be laid upon this point because anaemia occurs regularly in the course

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We will imagine that an individual who has attained, or is

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which, remaining in the tissues, assume forms difficult to distinguish morpho-

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diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis, as given by the intern at the time of

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lishes the existence of types of sensory disorders more or less distinct

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The amount and character of the exercise will be determined by the

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portion, but along with this connective-tissue thickening of the intima

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prone to make its appearance after exposure at night ; that quitting

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The isolated cutaneous lymphangiomata are formed on this type.

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13. Koessler : Illinois Med. Jour., 1914, xxvi, 120.

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10.9 per cent, of the administered dose, as against 9.5 per cent, in the

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doubt exists in regard to the question of sugar formation from fat.

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part oxalated plasma, eight parts 0.9 per cent, salt solution and 0.5 part

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of the blood-vessels, and spasm of the small muscular fibres known as

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is Gmelin's test. Between the white coagulum and the underlying

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patients with no apparent explanation for hypertension. These were

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the Pathology of the Condition. D. W. Carter, Jr., M.D., Boston.. 541

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which we are about to describe. The whole body appears to be

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