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2. M. Holm observes that there are certain points of similarity
1. In the surgical clinic of Erlangen, during the years 1841-54
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mission to report on the causes of the dreadful loss of life that had
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value. The somewhat large and soft heads of rachitic children
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a portion or the whole of the spleen having been excised,
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want of use, rendering the limb much smaller than its fellow. In the left
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fifteen years may be seen bowed down with premature old age, a mere
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the United States be earnestly recommended, to take into consideration the means
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* In the * Register of deaths in England for 1889,' p. 121, a case of chorea,
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quiry was made, and a complete denial of any previous rheumatism
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proved invaluable against a great variety oi infectious disorders.
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morbid appearances in the apparatus of the sympathetic nerve, of the ab-
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smallpox, to a limited extent, in several of the patients in the hospital, and the
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