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abdomen and on the diaphragm. The liver, as usual in
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taken ill, and one woman died ; the cause of her death was not pub-
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form of a spray. In one case out of several of laryngitis, also, an
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the place of the tubules which it contracts and flattens till they
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man there can be no donbt ; but we cannot positively say that the
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casions — where the offspring partook of the character of the horse by which im-
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or uncle. The practice is reprehensible. The effect of it is that the young person
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7 A. M., the specimens being preserved. Thereupon the patient
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they are seldom enforced. The subject is deserving of the closest attention ; so
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for twenty years. The institution has been the means of great good to juvenije
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preface tells us that, ''the chapter on anaesthetics has been
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ten to the loins, and eight on the abdomen. At the same
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more devoted and pleasing to each other, and more acceptable to the angels in
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pubhcation elsewhere.^ We shall be content here with a brief
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among pathologists ; what is the proper explanation of the occur-
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(almost as a matter of course) the most comprehensive in its
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Many of our popular (?) phrenological and physiological writers, teachers, and
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October, without a single case of cholera having occurred in either
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electricity so abundantly accumulates about and stimulates that honorable person-
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exposure of her person, and later the edges of the wound will
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accompanied with very distressing irritation ; the inflamed parts have acute pain
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fourteen or fifteen years of agi in thi latitude, (which ought as much to be heeded
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at all. Dr. Jackson contends, however, that cerebral hemor-
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died of diabetic coma at the age of thirty- two. A sister, aged
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and further, that in order to arrive at the true primitive elements
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tended ; but, as I have proved, in the bl I. The action of the lungs is partly
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able lady. The back and bowels of the Indian woman are never subject to the dis-
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or are treated for a long time for inexplicabk v( miting or gastric
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We often find men who have been the victims of some grocer or butcher through
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Case I.— Male. Hebrew. First seen June 8, 1920 at age of
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iodide of potasrium, a small (juantitj of the suspected salt should
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inquire among professional friends as to their observations. The
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Fluid blood, ia about equal quantities, in both sides of the heart.