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E. S. P. Henppkson, andO. J. Healy to general duty in the; Bombay

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with a vegetable narcotic or anodyne. As an example

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be that it is not only as a scientist that you are known abroad i

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had been obtained from persons who had not been in attend-

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trajts. At the junction of the upper and middle thirds of the cervical

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Thursday May 2.ith, at 2.45 P.M., Mr. T. Whitehead Reid in the chair. The

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of Health for Faversham Borough and Port Sanitary Authority.

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duties. They really did not know at the present moment

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250,000 cases, 90 per cent, of the total number of deaths from

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ever that the exhibition of a notice in a shop stating that calls for-

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and inelasticity of the blood vessels, and an overgrowth of

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were vaccinated. Of the 82 cases only 0, or 7 per cent, of the

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to the choice between gland and extract administration, Dr.

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certainly earn more in practice than they receive for their

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less paralysis of the muscular fibres of the bowel ; or (3) in

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ligatured above and below, a cure resulting. Arguing from

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ment is to be organised at the St. Antoine Hospital, consist-

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The dilated common duct has on one occasion been opened

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seven hours after the operation, and was now convalescent ;

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curred in the practice of Dr. Frederick Taylor and in his own

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Mr. O. Sunderland, Bexley; W. R. Smith, M.B., London; Miss E.

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admission the President announced that the Council had

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not find them in the official report of the inspector published .

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Meuk'ai, Journal for April ].5th, they will see reasons Rllcgnd against,

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regard to the curriculum of five years, and the regulations

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the Distal Portion of the Foot and First and Three'

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Paralysis. Dr. Robinson and Pr. Gogarty : Cholera. All members of the

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The Chairman : Then I take it that if a certificate of burial

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It is usually assumed by those who believe in its absorption

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of the Eye.] By Dr. Perlia. Hamburg and Leipzig : L.

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vve^e taken on a part of the same plateau on which it lies, where a dis-