there is one painful and troublesome disease of the joints, of a pe-

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How far the facts will bear out Unna's views, which would be

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that the duration of the fever, rather than its intensity, is the most important

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cine with Prof. Albert VanderVeer, — received the degree of M. D. at

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From some cause or another this contraction may disappear and the

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IX. Scarlet Fever or Scarlatina, - - - !.">•'>

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that the forearm could not be fully extended. This at first did not

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mination of the limits of tolerance, according to the formula previ-

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results have been confirmed by Tobler and other observers, found that

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heard of, a case in which the articulations of the ribs were involved.

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rected according to the individual case, no further disturbances, and

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chronic gout furnish a picture with which the earliest of investiga-

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sists, the parts should be smeared with Neapolitan ointment. In the

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any trace of uric acid in the blood. But it is a well-known fact that

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medical institutions of the city. But in the following

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any source of revenue. The annual rent of the house

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William Harvey, M. D., — born in England in 1578, — died in

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sages and when the paroxysm of asthma lets up the patient is im-

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remove purulent matter from the chest has often resulted favorably.

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the one as the other; they therefore advise restriction of fluids, which is

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them plain and well repay one interested in medical literature for

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total excretion amounts to 1 to 2 mg. In disease, the quantity of sugar

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an increase of the latter. If occasionally with these manifestations,

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almost devoid of toxic properties, and may be injected into animals in large

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thoroughly with castile soap and warm water, or with a solution of

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The openings of the ureters are situated one on each side of

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The minutest precaution is indicated in sclerosis of the coronary

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It is astonishing to observe the low estimate placed upon health

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tial myocarditis in which the inflammation is limited to the base of

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pain in the region of the heart is generally present at the outset, and

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taken into the amphitheatre, the lecturer's entrance to

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had enjoyed generally a good state of health. On Saturday, the

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existing in the interior of the body may have undergone atheroma-

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bj' a long intermission with freedom from painful disorder.

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which gave rise to no subjective symj)tom, and the onlj^ sign of whose

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served. There are no fibrillary contractions, and the electrical con-

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