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ment. She has no involvement of the bladder and rectum. Pressure
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The eruption appears in the form of rose colored spots or patches which
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patient recovers as a result of this swelling when things
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The extract of stramonium in doses of gr. night and morning
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remedies especially preparations of iodine. Prior to syphilization
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day. The effect is surprising the ulcer soon assumes a healthy
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serum and some dark blood clot suspicions were naturally aroused
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month of her illness she had quite profuse uterine bleeding lasting
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been owing so much to the lack of good suggestions and
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from the toxic or physiological effects of many extracts whilst
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Assistant Professor of Pathology Hai vard University Medical
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was so great as to require general antiphlogistic treatment
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Estimation. The estimation of tannin and the valuation of the various tanning
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of water in order to make that value comparable with the per
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In regard to IMedicine every one must look out for himself. With
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county medical societies and appropriate representatives
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trouble in reaching conclusions as to the effect of this dis
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from a closed bag the carbonic acid in the respired air in the
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fected with the vaccine disease spontaneously devel
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tetanus mit Hypoglossusparcse geheilt nach Duralinfu
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