from the intensity of the disease, are, excessive frequency of the pulse,
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Immediate relief after operation and no further note of result, 2. Re-
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skin. A dressing of iodine was finally applied to the wound.
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advises copious libations of warm water, in order to facilitate vomiting,
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tatic remedies are to be given internally. In the class of remedies just
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was called to see him, he had been suffering in this way about
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1 series 9-mm. embryo, sagittal, treated by Vom Rath method.
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The rational treatment consists in deriving, as far as possible, indica-
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noting the free passage of blood from the arteries in the capillaries, and
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feebleness of the pulse. The success of the treatment will depend on the
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nose — and that even its palatine branches cannot all be con-
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Ill the majority of mild cases, hygienic treatment is alone required.
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I have operated on many other patients under exactly similar
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toward the base of the cochlea) of tiie heads of each spiral row.
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For clearness and perspicuity, Daltoii's Physiology
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which, without any essential change in the nature of the disease, is in
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as to prevent its own motions, as seen in a remarkable case re-
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Scotch snuff introduced into the nostrils caused an intense desire to sneeze,
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portion of the brain of blood, because between the arteries beyond the
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effect or is brought about through the agency of the nervous
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tary mucous membrane, and on the hepatic secretion ; and if it be
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proposed within late years, no one has been generally adopted, and pro-
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satisfied without demonstrative proof of the presence of sugar. Of the
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hand, intra-cranial cancerous tumors sometimes extend into the surround-
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septimi. These endings consist of very delicate arborizations
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as organisms, and includes under the name micrococcus. The endocar^
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The day he was attacked, (July 7th,) he had been much fatigued,
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heads, and one horizontal series of a whole head were used in
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cases is abundant and extensive ; the greater part of the surface of the
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24 Martin, E. G., and Mendbnhall, W. L. 1915 Amer. Journ. Physiol.,
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eyed instrument, and this I did for several successive days ; how^
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active movements for several minutes, the}' remain comparatively^ quiet
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the ophthalmic nerve. The fibers were stained quite uniformly
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diathesis rarely live to adult age ; but in some instances the diathesis
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progressed to a certain extent. In a few cases recovery may be said to
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activity of the nervous system as connected with the exercise of the
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In using the term flaccid as applied to express the state of
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little, and the only point on which they seemed to differ was
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Obstetrician to the Philadelphia Hospital, Vice-Pre.s-t. of the 0\<tet S ri^ty of Philad'-lphia
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If doctors neirlect the study of diseases of the skin, it
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normal number of cells has never been present in a developed
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none escapes ; but after this period the catheter excites a con-
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but two well-mai'ked cases. The statistical researches of Puel, embracing
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