observed of course only in the young, would indicate a complication
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and lower record, thirty minutes after the injection of atropin. In the upper
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auricle and auriculoventricular node exist in all cases, but conduction
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of parents who were apparently in good health. Severity in the child
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Morawitz 10 discusses the methods for determining albumin and globu-
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The data given in the last section of this article lead to the con-
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artery in its passage through the node. In several experiments we
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widely distributed geographically and is not infrequently encountered.
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symptoms. The effusions which are caused by rupture of the tho-
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system in such small numbers as to be negligible; that (2) most of
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eat a correct or sufficient diet. This hypothesis would explain Singer's
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of the pia mater, in the retina, in the arterioles of the kidneys, the
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and diluting the blood; (3) error due to a possible reduction of the
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tomy. In some animals very acute symptoms come on within a few
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factors which have been observed so frequently in pellagrins that we
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with the supposed inert filiform substance — that a silvered wire is
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diac asthma) indicates a complication on the part of the heart. With
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venous system. The veins pulsate visibly in the neck, the liver is
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The formation of these varices is due to the position of the valves ;
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TABLE 5. — Summary of Results of Thirty-Five Experiments Measuring
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necessary to give as much as fifteen minims twice a day in order to
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1 bushel Irish potatoes, hominy and rice as desired from time to time, and no
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Munzer and Wiener to show that nerve cells undergo profound changes in
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Naunyn offered the most satisfactory explanation, which not only
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the cortical one. Next in order of degree of involvement is the
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In a case of Sir Dyce Duckworth's, at the post-mortem examination
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aged 60 developed signs of aortic regurgitation with those of failing
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perhaps, the most conspicuous instance of race peculiarity in disease,
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which he observed. During the attack the heart may be increased or
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and Wales 42,137 deaths at all ages from this cause, — a death-rate
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mitral and aortic valves with induration of the tricuspid valve, and
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marked that many of the various phases of this protean malady have
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village Sa, next door to a pellagrin, whose son she married.
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(b) This abstraction is an attempt on the part of nature to neu-
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Typhoid Feyee. —Phlegmasia is the outward sign of the venous
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variations in the excitability of the respiratory center occur, as Hassel-
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and weakness. As she has exopthalmic goiter in a pronounced form, these
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the contents may be received upon a handkerchief and thus inhaled.
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increase the tendency to' fibrin deposition. I am of opinion that such
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