have abundant evidence that heightened temperature promotes vascular

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I wish it to be fully understood, that in both cases the incisions on

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using the more composite waters such as Friedrichshall, or Franz Joseph,

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occurring in bone (e.g. caries, osteomalacia, or senile atrophy). Deposi-

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animals, the antitoxic value must also be a relative quantity.

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ing on the brain, as wrong ab initio. Instead of endeavoring to find out for

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not differ from ordinary pyaemia \yide art. "Infective Endocarditis"].

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its judicious application. In the words of Capuron, ^ Admitting even

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surrounding tissues, renders free excision or amputation necessary if

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generally situated near the confluence of important rivers ; there was

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membranes of joints ('' Pedunculated bodies"), where the new forma-

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from the north and north-west and west ; it is, however, exposed to the

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ing them ; such patients must not be discharged until the bacilli have com-

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waters, or with wine, and taken at or after meals in doses of one or two

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ness from fear, we notice the influence of the brain on the contraction

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Isre may be, whether cells, venous plexuses, or helicine arteries, this

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o'clock. A suitable edifice will be selected, we trust, within a reason-

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determine the degree of development of the different portions of tbe

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were carefully studied, and many of them were traced to contaminated

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report of the autopsy, published subsequently, it is merely prefaced

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Some minor matters engaged the attention of the Council, but in the

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unirritating nutriment is paramount. Hence the importance of prevent-

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engaged either in the dairy farm or the milk shop, or who are occupied

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ments already in the body. These pigments are either derived from the

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precede death from haemorrhage under other circumstances than the

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not be too prolonged at one time, but may be repeated again after an

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appears. Microscopic examination is easy and decisive.

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hot. Much oedematous swelling also occurs, especially affecting the

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when we are to deliver, but- by observing the pulse, heat, muscular

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the mind, or the ideas themselves considered. Separate from that organ,

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turn faint after the operation. In this, as in douching, washing backs,

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of bone, seemed to have quieted the threatening symptoms.

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to the meals, their value is great. For infants who cannot digest fresh

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the posterior afferent roots of a limb — the anterior motor roots being

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ing the infection into the water-supply, seem to bring cholera ; while

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fever" was applied to the disease — a name peculiarly unfortunate;

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the friends the right way to wait upon the sick person. They are

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