of saving the body tissues, is strongly to be deprecated, inasmuch as the toxic
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Resident Assistants are appointed every six months and continue in
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the conditions mentioned. '* In the event of no candidate appearing
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Human Anatomy and Physiology, General Pathology, instruction in Patho-
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a simultaneous coronary and aortic sclerosis, upon alcoholic heart disease, etc.
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the demonstrator are in attendance daily throughout the academic
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Books Beeommended, — ^I give beneath the list of works recommended
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the following subjects: — First examinaUon : Anatomy, Histology,
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Turning to the special aetiology after this brief introduction, psychical
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may refuse food absolutely ; the tongue is coated, the saliva scanty and viscid,
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Since in some cases a number of the joints are swollen, the disease at first
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[The special morbid fears, like agoraphobia and the questionings and
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ment; tbe laws of motion considered experimentally ; tbe cbief forces of
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vasion of the different basal cranial nerves by the morbid process. The optic
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and by volume, general nature of acids, bases, and salts, symbols and
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ward for a space of 5 to 10 cm. or more. The dorsal portion of the cord is
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times perspire very freely. The secretion of saliva is subject to similar modi-
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stage of developing cerebral pressure, with increasing headache and malaise,
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limbs; but hemiplegia is not especially rare. A very common manifestation
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cause they furnish us valuable information regarding the relative positions
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(2) Another of such four years of medical and surgical study must
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William Morse Graily Hewitt, M.D. Lond., 36, BerMey-
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centers do coincide; that there is motor representation behind the fissure of
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examinations are held. Medical Clinical prizes : One of £3 value for
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— Latety arsenic intoxications have repeatedly occurred 'through incautious
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paralysis of the bladder, and bedsores, under which symptoms death ensues;
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the neck and back, strabismus, nystagmus, and sometimes clonic spasms in
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will begin on that day ; but if the 10th of October be Friday, the Examination
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Chemistry — Oram Brown's " Ohemistry," Wilson's "Inorganic
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Alexia has the same relation to agraphia that word deafness has to aphasia.
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fingers ("regional ischemia "), associated at first with sensations of crawling
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chronic endocarditis (mitral or aortic disease). Chronic arteriosclerosis may
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1. Quininae sulphatis, gr. xv-xxx D. tal. pulv. No. 4.
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continued use of potassic bromid, causes languor, debility, mental apathy, and
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raspfrattofi* ^ ^oology. fWa oott Ilia a iM^'ylYaHtaik ^ • v