the retreating of some kinds of eruptive disease, as small-pox or scarletina, diabetis,

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lady in the circle of your acquaintance, marry her immediately, and let her love

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an analysis, furnished by Dr. J. J. Phillips, of the post-mortems

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Spinal column. — ^The bones were natural; the oentral parts of

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this pernicious practice. The reader can contrast this representation with that given

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door and struck her head, the right side being injured, but she

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oighl for three or four nights in succession; they will then

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that something is has not yet been discovered. Sojourners in

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which disagreed with her, and she was confined to bed. A few

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the patient. There can be no doubt that we know enough to

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abortion ; and in miscarriage, especially if it occurs several times, the woman drags

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A section on Polyuria or Diabetes Insipidus, in which Dr.

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a carpmg criticism may discover in his work, Sir W. Fergusson

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saliva, are insensibly carried towards the base of the tongue into the

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As the salts are found in the urine and in biliary secretions equally

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mind acts upon the body, and upon the blood, and renders it impure, and how the

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the formation of an anastomosis between the pyloric and cardiac

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Instructor in Neurology, Cornell University Medical School.

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On May 26th, 1866, 1 injected the -^^th of a grain of strychnia

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selves the importance of feeling ; and when you have realized it, never allow a doc-

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rhage, secondary necrosis, or infarction due to drainage are

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preventives, they have proved of more than temporary efficacy against this com-

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On April 30, 1914 the hemoglobin was 53 per cent., and

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The external parts, as the lips, were coloured brown, as in poison-

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supplied with husbandmen. There is hardly a village or a

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backward, abducted, adducted, and rotated to a very slight

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good old age will he yourroward upon oarlh, and your children will rise up and call

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during digestion of the noon meal contained sugar to the extent

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granular longitudinal strise, and occasionally an obscare trans-

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side of the face. There was also marked weakness in the right

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nitrogen/'^ though seemingly opposed by some interesting

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slight amount of albumen. The patient left the hospital on the

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segment of the uterus^ That, in labour somewhat advanced, or when

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in view the study of the response of the kidneys at different

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illegitimate child should be raised from half a-crown to five shillings

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119; April 23d, 134; May 14th, 149; July 1st, 140 mg. per 100

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cortical substance was dense and opaque, and the tubules were full

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free from any sickness. The woman put up at her sister's house,

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many dollars, instead of a shilling, but may carry him to an early grave. So that,

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moral and a physical sense, arise from it, is true ; but these are the results of the

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calling the attention of the indifferent to this important subject in medical science,

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The higher rate of mortality in male adults is owing to several obvious causes.