Intravenous injection of 1 cc. of Liquid D every other week.

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The ear continued to give trouble, though in a less degree, and

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ment of this kind is far more convincing than a positive one, and, al-

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caustics, though not expressly stated, is intimated in

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pahUtbed in the Provincial Medical and Surgical Journal, goes

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' BlutbefitJid bel derWeiiliof schen Krankheit, 1878, Erianger.

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bis indica, caffeine, guarana, and chloral at times afford relief. When

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B — External Application. — An elongated, round,

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veloped lesions on both sides, indicating that the original infection had not yet

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to the perfusing liquid which greatly accelerated the utilization of

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and then among those who passed. Two candidates pre-

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essence of tolu, and then enough water to make, after

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by the liver, kidneys, and salivary glands. They made common bile-duct fis-

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The medical attendants retired to another room, where the exci-

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Cosmic and Malarial Diseases — CAoIera.— We have occupied so

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by the ferments of practically every foreign tissue.

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ing through newspapers and magazines we may think thafc

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It must be confessed that the simple statement of the pro-

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possibility of so exhibiting chloroform that consciousness is retained

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go to sea, and accordingly entered on board a vessel bound to

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an old caboose which had been removed from on board of a

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and had been proven to have strong toxicity. 0.05 mg. of the strain

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pieces of the mucous membrane may be separated from the subja-

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and the mixture was injected into rabbits. The serum was inactivated at 56° C.

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delirium. Large doses of digitalis have been advised, but they fail to sus-

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emulsified and injected intraperitoneally into the other guinea pigs.

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Abscess of the brain or suppurative encephalitis may occur in any part

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sons, doses must be reduced in proportion to the age and constitu-

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body in March, 1909. The disease followed influenza, and was probably

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child is constantly somnolent. The tongue, often larger than normal, pro-

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