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caries of the cervical vertebra?. It may rarely be secondary to any of

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gall-stones, abnormal distention Avith gas, and enteroliths. Under these

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England will feel its share of responsibility towards bringing about

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high position of the diaphragm are found in many instances. The tongue

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sputum is grayish-brown in color and muco-purulent, emitting a sour or,

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fined to motor nerves, and especially to those of the upper extremities.

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In the majority of cases the bone-marrow is affected as well as the

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whenever they are found to agree, and it is important to promote the

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may it be with the upper segment. In such an event, however, the de-

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favorable in the ordinary paroxysmal form. Malignant malarial hemo-

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catch a glimpse of what the future may have in store. Let us do

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bones, muscles, the heart, and blood-vessels are involved with uncertain

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" We can commend it most heartily, not only to all students of physiology, but to every

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of the heart may, by augmenting the tension in the right ventricle, pro-

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firm, fragile, and later undergo fatty degeneration. Serous infiltration

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Diagnosis. — This is readily made when we have a combination of

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from the purely nervous form. Here chief reliance is to be placed upon

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sensation and loss of power. Herpes occasionally develops along the

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Osier remarks, touches hemophilia very closely, particularly in the re-

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In addition to the actual destruction of nerve tissue there is

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involved on its outer or inner surface {pachymeningitis externa or in-

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(2) Unchanged pigment. Bile pigment showing green in

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may be burning, tingling, or stabbing pains that are severe enough to

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on the part of the physician, the parent, or the patient.''' Only

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There are several very efficacious anthelmintic drugs to choose from.

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of the shoulder or a jerky, sobbing, irregular respiration, occasionally

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(1) The asphyxial or apoplectic form ; (2) the hyperpyrexial form. Flint

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Von Jaksch insisted that the different forms of leukocytes occur in their

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under conditions of extreme dilatation it may be introduced 70 cm. (28

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inate kissing (lip-chancre), and I have personal knowledge of not less

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shorter. A fatal ending is inevitable, by inanition and exhaustion, or

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Differential Diagnosis. — The temperature is apt to be higher and the

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varies with the degree of the hypertrophy, which is then pronounced,

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occur and engender node-like protuberances. There may be frequently

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— irritability of disposition, broken, restless sleep, and depression of

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if either is deranged hyperglykemia with the consequent glycosuria

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Throughout the entire book there is a candor, frank and apparent,

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before forty years of age; after which time the danger in-

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To get some idea of the frequency, these ten cases were examined

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