distinction to true ichthyosis, kerato-hyalin and eleidine are present in the
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back to the lead lotion ; and this may happen again and again. If, on the
able to walk from the carriage alone, and the emotion of
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pulse feeble and irregular. Finally, the motor restlessness ends in twitch-
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liance. Nor must we forget Dr. John Moore — the father of
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earliest case I have seen under one year old, during the first dentition ;
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case I have seen in England was in a patient from South America, where,
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exclusion. If, in addition, we are able to say that certain muscles upon
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the presence of the characteristic shining angular umbilicated spots (see
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showing anatomic structures," is taken from Textbook of Clinical Parasitol-
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Differential diagnosis must be established from hidradenoma, colloid
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in a fresh spot, these being really new outbreaks of the disease ; and
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the term " criminal lunatic " is not applied except to a person who has
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there is occasionally a primary tremor of the head, the result of con-
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Sleep always needs attention, and if it does not follow feeding, or tepid
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finest grade of emery cloth stretched on a flat surface, or on a fine
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some qualifications which ought to be borne in mind. In children or
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An acute attack of mania may leave a man incapable of directing his
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it appeared, was the son of a man who, in the early part
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seem to show that it may also be hereditary. Thus Ollivier records
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Record, June 18, 1898. — 90. Bolton. Lancet, April 1, 1899, and numerous records in
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puff themselves into note by the grandeur of their coaches
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the uncorrected observed weight. For example, if the sensitivity
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Surgeon-General, U.S. Army, and articles "Circular Insanity" and " Katatonia " in
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as a rule be changed more than once in the twenty-four hours, on which
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which frequently takes place there, especially in summer ; and the same
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Arab physicians of the name, who probably assumed it
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his estate, and the other as committee of his person. The committee of
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it as such. In this disease there are generally hysterical or hypochondriacal
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some dermatitis or moist catarrh. The obstinacy of many so-called
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bread to keep life and soul together until that fatal day : so,
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Small-pox Scars," Med. Times and Gaz. 1879. — 15. Hebra. Lehrb. d. Rautkrankheiten,