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fluenza from the point of view of the subtlety of infection and rapidity

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1. External regions ; 2. Skeleton: 3. Muscles (Superior

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First, then, in considering man as an individual being, we start at

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am now in the habit of doing; for it unquestionably tends to

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Abscess in the left costal region — necrosis of the last rib . . . 357

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later, the serum is distributed in sterilised bottles, containing i2.\ to 25

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mechanical, thermic, or chemical agencies ; by rubbing or repeated

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inventor of this operation, but he helped to extend its use in England,

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ing home, I went immediately to work, and was enabled to work through the day;

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refused all food, and had to be spoon-fed with milk.

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reply to these questions. In these the accident has happened in

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the front and the back of the lens ; and since the surfaces of the fibres

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practise with them irrespectively of the Central Boards and of the Medi-

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and moisture, and (b) the administration of quinine. Foment the

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body, simulating ordinary inflammation ; so that it must not be con-

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staphylococci have thus caused abscesses in different parts.

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had been overcome by the patience and docility of those whom it was

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" Towards three o'clock it took a few mouthfuls of gruel, and once

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new levies embrace every male in France above 20 capable of bearing

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or stripes of a lighter colour. Examined microscopically, the fibres

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painful, the pulse less frequent, and the temperature falls. The cough

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coats of the arteries ; atheroma of arteries, stagnation of the circulation,

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they are of excellent quality, pneumo-enteritis maybe placed out of the

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this region, and had increased in size until it became as large as an

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had enjoyed good previous health, butwho had latterlygrown very rapidly

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symptoms from which the patient suffers may be altogether unconnected

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bacilli, and the birds are incapable of transmitting tuberculosis. But

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heard over the organ a murmur without that disturbance of the powers

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mine in this to«-n, some fifty yeai-s ago, acted quite within the strict

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campaign. We have learned with regret that Stromeyer, who, up to

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— (t) "Operative Tochniqiie." Volume 1 of "The Practice of

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Sir, — You have made known that I am a candidate for one of the

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"First and Second Class Return Tickets, at or about one fare and a half, for

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work which had devolved upon the President. Of the way in which

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were trymg to sing "Mourir pour la patrie"; and many weeping women