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permit me to ask, through your columns, those members of

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Our deservedly popular contemporary Hygiene has trans-

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influenza owing to my inability to detect any physical signs

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Post-mortem Eiamination— There was a firm healthy cicatrix

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Tiiey are chiefly chemical, and include investigations re-

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clined until he became little better than an idiot. On admission he was

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LETTERS, COMMUNICATIONS, Etc., have been received from :

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FOURMER (Professor A.). Traitement de la .Sypliilis. 189.3.

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pages. The book, notwithstanding its .sketchy character, is

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not be as yet very strong, still, reasoning from the allied

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family " should be sent to Britisli ('olumbia. The hopes for the future

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ready to pay the said amount, or el~e the lees will be piid." At the toot

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unsuitable to aphides, and also for their destruction, such

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ing my indebtedness to my colleagues, who spared neither

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becomes absolutely necessary to be always ready to deal with

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treated in the surgical wards bv Mr. Millis. on leaving tlie hospital he

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pointed out the likeness between the symptoms of dis-

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Liverpool. (B) Mr. H. T. Butlin, London ; Beta; H. G. Barling, M.S., i

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than I can help on this particular portion of the case. I think

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constituted under official supervision, and having an ade-

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The first combined meeting of committees appointed by the

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longer communicates with the general cavity of the perito-

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the earliest symptoms, and even after convalescence has been

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system of district equipment— flexibly managed— should meet require-

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