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muscular paresis and helplessness of the infant is the most noteworthy
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is no cardiac hypertrophy. Cataract has been observed in a few cases.
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years, 11*1 per cent.; between 50 and 60 years, 9*9 per cent. ; over 60 years,
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fhould not the fame medicines be ufed in their difor-
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is a frequent concomitant, and, it may be, a favouring condition, neither
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head at the brim, in which the small parts are felt. The head is usually
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I'omenei j which points out an error of the ancients, who af-
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pulse and extreme difficulty of breathing, during which the individual
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that, while the illness might begin as an infection, it is usually followed by
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Fradurey (a) of a horfe's leg or thigh-bone, how "to "be "Tfeated,
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care is required if the invalid is permitted to winter there.
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to. It may resemble, and certainly has been mistaken for, acute
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are fo litde ufed at prefent fof the works of hufband-
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years, or it may continue for many years up to the end of life. (3) In
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fchool and for parade, though good for httle in car-
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Adhesions are almost invariable. Sometimes the lung becomes every-
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perchlor. by sodse bicarb., and filtering through a handkerchief. Ferric
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rupture of a duodenal ulcer, or ulcer in the pyloric region of the
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worry, chronic neurasthenia with tired aching back is almost sure
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be prohibited and moderation in alcohol enjoined. Sexual intercourse, it is
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aborted or annihilated by early surgical procedure of any kind.
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was referred to me by Dr. W. E. Gallic, who suspected an emo-
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fixation in splints or on a stretcher for transportation. In view
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Morbid anatomy. — The whole liver is usually enlarged, congested,
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with each feeding. Larger quantities are almost sure to induce vomiting.
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collect.^ only from fifty to scvcnty-flvc per cent, of its earnings.
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acidulous taste of fermented milk, but, for those who will take it, it is an
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he has defcribed with a precifion that (hews he judged
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uric acid in the blood. Of this we have further confirmation in the fact
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He hasabfolute dominion over fifty fhephcrds and fifty dogs, five
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very much under the average height, some being actually dwarfs.
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treated by immersion of the patient in a cold bath at a temperature of
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Whether we accept the view of increased sugar formation, or diminished
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When it is necessary to use hypnotics for some time (and such
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Very rarely tubercles or ulcers may be found in its entire length, up to an
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perhaps, " kinked " or snapped in two when sharply bent by the fingers.
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have been previously vigorous. There is considerable danger in withholding
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nothing to be gained by prolonged confinement of the patient. On the
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through them will be fo thoroughly bruifed, that it
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There is something about living in Canada that is always apparent in
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it is almost certain to be at fault. Then fresh air, preferably seaside, is
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(pumtity and quality, and by rest both of the digestive tract and
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sausages, etc., in the manufacture of which, as for example, during the
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fever may, in some instances, be a mild variety of this form of sun-
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be absent from the vomit. Microscopically, the vomit shows strings of