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sponsibility of safeguarding the public welfare so far as regards hygienic

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sure, but this was followed by a pronounced fall, with a ten-

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professor in the University of Madrid ; and one. Dr. Esquerdo,

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Farqcharson, said : Clause .^2 of the Local Government Act for Scotland

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might be viewed from two standpoints : first, that which re-

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OBBOLD.— On March 4th, at The Elms. Batheaston. Bath, the wife of C.

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The effect of great heat on the lungs is to reduce the num-

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logy has been of far greater importance. If life itself

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On February 13th he began to pass a large jqnantity of

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corroborated as they are by Dr. Herbert Littlejohn, must be held to re-

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the inunction method of disinfection first. I believe they

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the week under notice in the thirty-three towns included ."9S which

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by-law of the Association, who shall be recommended as

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speak. Professor Ball was a great favourite with his students,

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between leprosy and vaccination in India, he finds facts and figures

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(32° to 34° C.) and warm ones (28° to 30°) were used in the

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who announces by printed circular the intention to open in Eastleigh a

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the aid of her friend until a cab came. On admission the

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Villette slaughterhouse a wool tampon should be placed in the

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upon-Tyne. The Bishop is the Visitor of the University of

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G. H. R. Holden, Reading; Mr. W. E. Hacon, Christchurch. (J) Mr.

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pounds of lecithin and proteid, the relative amount of the two

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doubt and suspicion is cast on ligures which give results of this sort, and

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neritoneal in.iection into sruinea-pigs of cultures of bacillus coli and

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were always insignificant. Three days afterwards he tested

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and when down could not get up until assisted. The symptoms vary a

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by turning a stopcock as soon as sufl[icient tension is obtained.

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the process of softening and excavation. "Extension" and

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testine, wliicii seemed to have united quite freely and firmly,

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gives an abstract of every case admitted into the surgical

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Communications respecting Editorial matters shouldbe addressed to the

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some hard breathing over the whole side, and tubular breath-

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Board thereupon communicated with the Sanitary Institute,

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revelled, as was not unna.tural for a daughter of the South The changes

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Poole regards this possibility as a moot point for the present.

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chloride, its solubility in dilute alkaline solutions is consider-

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the zymotic disease. If both measles and bronchitis were

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readers how frequently German writers, probably from want

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terranean and Atlantic coasts, Algiers, Malaga, Tangier, and

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The operatiin is performed as follows. For the sake of ex-

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that the objectionable amendment was actually moved by a member of

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conical flask, and nearly an equal volume of pure hydrochloric acid, aud

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of the breath sounds. In 146 cases the base of the lung was