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particularly heavy work involving late hours and much fatigue.

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morning.) This is all wrong. Individuals, and society as a whole, should endeavor

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try. Country dealers supplied by the proprietor, or by wholesale druggists in New

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laryngoscope, the endoscope, the sphygmograph — ^have a kind of

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in the urine during stated periods. As apphed to urea, a new

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want of systematic arrangement will confuse the former^

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total loss of $13,000,000 annually which might have been prevented by proper

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anemia. The patient has received a very large number of blood

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countries in which the epidemic disease raged during those years,

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we should be much advanced in the scale of sanitary regulations for the promotion

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the Lung Barometer into being. Now I have an infallible guide; and after having

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Training-School for Nurses, State Hospital, Taunton, Mass.

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side. Perhaps investigation may prove this to be so.

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Pyknomorphous (pik-no-mor'fus). Having the stainable elements

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For the cure of Weakness, Soreness and Inflammation of the Eyes, Egyptian Sore

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tain that the noxious factors have been removed. After this has

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intervention of the ciliary nerves in what H. Muller calls ' this

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no longer existed, but was represented by a few cells almost entirely

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of transverse markings are visible save in their early stage of develop-

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seat of irritative hyperplastic increase. The follicles here play

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away, reason may perhaps guide us to a few facts important to health. Those who

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whether the reagents which produce effects striking and character-

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light upon the body are as pleasant as to the eye, and as healthful ; and also that

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however, rales are not always present, whereas, due to the in-

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the state of the heart's valves, and the condition of the uterine oq^ans

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cheerfulness, and the muscles in action, often prevent consumption.

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of inactive or quiescent tuberculous lesions in the lungs. In

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measles, especially the former^ are scattered through these

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money goes inl Iders and speculators, while the dust is left

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boric and formic acids, forming white, glossy scales. It is used

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lasix or torsemide

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account for the appearance of the very faint trace of sugar.

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in the present instance because almost two-thirds of the red

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deteriorated article. In many cases I should consider it nearly certain death to trust a