The Physiological Action of Solanum Carthineuse.— Dr. E. Q. Thorn-
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seems probable that the alcohol must have had an effect in preventing
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after attacks resembling those of renal colic. In the urine Avere numerous
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Russia — Taurida, government June 26-July 9 432 218
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tance is reported, yet in which there is a striking family history, more
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Medical Journal, December 5, 1896), after reviewing the literature, finds that
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duty of this association to take up all problems the
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tions, at the same time the bromides were stopped entirely.
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neurasthenia probably did not cause the achylia be-
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moderate dilatation. Haemoglobin, eighty per cent. Pa-
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tendency is to disassociate morphology from symptomatology, referring
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fected animals within seven days after inoculation,
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circumscriptus or orbicular eczema ; lichen circin-
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fourth injection of 1/50 grain and she reported feeling
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action are at least encouraging, as the performance
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or hemorrhagic spots on the skin are looked upon as infallible signs of
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of the contributors have not been imbued with this spirit, for in some
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after both tonsils were covered with a grayish membrane
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called benign carcinoma, its duration is completely
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cific gravity of the urine (page 247), of urea (page 287), and of Ehr-
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tological Studies in Tuberculosis. Transactions of the
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eighty feet and a depth of thirty-two, and will be situated
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min. During the second attack, above noted, neither sugar nor albumin was
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show that its clinical value is established, but when
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to attend her at various times for common complaints, I
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five to ten per cent, sodium hydroxide. On analysis
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Ehrlich-Hata'schen Mittel (Dioxydiamidoarsenobenzol ) .
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(Malad. infec. et parasit. des os, 1894) failed to show any instances of fra-
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stomach in a given case is at fault, or w^hether the
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tion before the age of twelve years are compulsory,
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as it is fertilized is attracted speedily to and is ar-
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ering the dignity of lithotripsy and litholapaxy as
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lia is defined to be necessarily and restrictively tem-
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acterized by one or more small or large, scaly patches, with thickening
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The chapters on the Central Nervous System, by Prof. Donaldson, of
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sent the following formula for hypodermatic injection : mercury salicylate,
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■thirty-eighth annual meeting in Milwaukee, Wis., on Sep-
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ed factual textbook data we had learned in our basic science years. It was a good year, a year crammed full
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silver nitrate, half a grain to the ounce, and he is
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follow, and hence the bladder should be slowly emptied or boric solution
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If from ninety to ninety-five per cent, of all persons who
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the canal by these strong injections. I believe this
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here was a congenitally small external os, as proved
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under limitations ; that is to say, it is diuretic so far as increased blood-
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be begun before long. Bids for the work have been in-
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